First Day

So yeah today has been the start of my adventure to that wild country known as Germany.

Woke up this morning and packed some clothes and thought yes all sorted BUT noooo. As normal I forget a few details:


To print off my boarding pass!!

After dropping my car off in the garage and having the longest walk in the world ever. Imagine it I was walking along in suit with a big and a small rucksack. YES I may have looked dappa, but I had no grace what so ever!

Anyhow, I get to the airport and find there is no free wifi – devastated.  So using my degree in ICT I link my laptop to my mobile for internet access… Ending creating this blogg because of it! I eventually get on the plane all excited, just to find that lots of Germans really can not understand my accent at all ever!! It is either that or I smell badly!

After meeting my friends we eat and got a couple of drinks in Essen and I realised that there are more H&M in Essen then MacDonalds. I kid you not I counted atleast 6 H&M stores! Also how cheap are things in Germany compared to Newcastle for everything!

After impressing Germans with my accent and comedy outlook I headed back and planned a few details for my research tomorrow including; how to get there and what question to ask. Only minor details of course!


Looking forward to the challenges that Germany will offer me tomorrow!


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