Day Off

So Thursday was my day off this week and the weather was fantastic. Even better was I got to have a catch up with a friend that I had not seen in forever. Before this I had a trip to the supermarket, which was an interesting experience trying to work out what some random foods were and trying free samples. Sadly they had no free beer samples!

So as normal I got the train to meet her and meant to go to the main entrance. However, it seems each train station has like 1000 entrances that all lead different way. After asking a couple and guess what surprise surprise they could not speak English. I bumped into a Policemen who guided me the right way. 

After meeting my friend went had a nice stroll through Duisburg grabbed an ice cream and had a cold beer by the river/ After this a thank you I thought I could cook for my friends a stir fry, which was nice. Following this we headed into Essen so amazing cafe style bars. The first of which was a rock bar which was amazing, with Transformer pinball machine and darkened inside. The last cafe place was out of the way in the middle of no where but was so nice inside.

I also had a chance to reflect on how I was going to approach the SOLE the next day. I decided on making a few minor changes including changing how I presented the questions to the class and how I got them to complete the feedback information. I thought this may make my life a bit easier going forward.

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