Day 2 of 4

Last Friday was the half way point through my research at the school and I had what can be only describe as a lovely class. From the moment I stepped into the classroom they were excited and welcoming of me.

So the main object of the day was to answer the question. Why were the Athenians so famous? The main object for me was using the same structure as the previous lesson, but learning from the points of better introduction to the class I set them the task and let them work.

During the lesson I was guiding the teacher through the principle of the SOLE and how could potentially work, which the teacher seemed to embrace with great enthusiasm.. I took a lot of valuable observation notes which will be interesting to analyse especially while comparing the previous SOLE.

The feedback from both teacher and students seem positive with a few improvements going forward including giving more direction to the helper, which I intend to test out going further.

Overall the day was rather enjoyable and I actually managed to work the trains fine for once!

On the evening I saw friends which was nice and tried a few local beers, which is a must for Germany! I found my new favorite bar that sells 222 beers!!


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