Day 3 of 4!

So i thought I would post seperataly for this instead of on the last post as it be more interesting.

Monday was day 3 out 4 in the school, which is amazing as it is going so quickly and i’m gathering so much interesting data. So before the actual Skype I had an interesting meeting with teacher to dicuss my recommendations of ICT in the school, which I felt privilideg that he took an active interest in my thoughts. Since he came from a ICT background made it made it easier to chat about. 

I give him some ideas that he thought was fantastic and would live to try out once I leave over a longer time period. From this he said he is he willing to give me reference if I apply for any ICT advisory jobs which is fantastic. So essentially I have started my career Wohoooo go me!!

Straight after this I met the class for the SOLE which was interesting as they ages between 13 and 14, which is normally a bit older then it is designed for. Initially I was a bit nervous, but at the same time thought it be interesting to see how the lesson progresses. I told them the story of the earthquake in Japan and asked the question “What causes earthquakes and how might we detect them in the future.” This is fairly complex question as it has two parts with a range of possible paths for investigation.

Once I established the two helpers, which I did a bit late they started wor work away in groups. It was interesting to see the groups form and after chatting with the teacher we both agreed this was due social hierarchy that establishes at their age. This will be interesting to investigate further especially in relation to leadership.

Eventually one child was left on their own in a group, which raised a few question internally. Even though I tried to get the helper to something nothing seemed to work, which raised a number of questions. The way the groups works compared to the younger groups was interesting as there were lesson questions and all groups choose to present on PowerPoint rather then on paper.

After the lesson I held a focus group and interviews the teacher, which has brought up some initial interesting results. The students seemed to enjoy it but would like more structure before hand, which correlates to what the teacher mentioned. A number of changes I intend to make for the final lesson on Wednesday, which includes time given to students for presentation and how much briefing I give to the teacher before hand. I want to see if these changes make any difference.

Overall the day was fantastic I learnt a lot and gathered some interesting data, which i’m excited to look at.

Getting to the school was interested as I woke up late,but some how I still managed to get to the school earlier then expected so I took a nice stroll along a river and enjoyed the wild animals….well ducks! Getting back from the school was fun as once I again I ended up going the wrong way on the trams, which has seemed to happen a few times. I blame the complex train system they have!!!

On the evening I enjoyed a couple of pints to celebrate St Patrick’s day, which is a must and no where was better then the Irish bar! It was full of people all whom seemed to enjoy themselves. I came back and Skyped with a friend which was nice and I think i’m going to fly back home early to sort out a few things.

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