Weekend and 3 of 4 in the school!

Well it was a very mixed weekend. I had a chance to relax and not do much was again was fantastic. But I move to Cologne for a few days which was exciting. So on Saturday I literally didn’t leave the house at all, which was amazing just to hide away for a day and reflect on the past week.

It also give me chance to catch up on emails and university work and plan the next coming week. After reflecting back over my work I concluded that I could make a few changes going forward to my research, which included slight changes in the language I use as some students struggle with English.

Anyhow, moving to Cologne was fun I met 2 pretty cool people. Although it was a shame to say good bye to my friend who has been hosting me, which I am really grateful for. Cologne looks amazing and I was super excited at the chance of going around including the highly recommend chocolate museum. The actual moving was entertaining because once again I mange to choose the people who can speak any English, that combined with my accent makes for an interesting conversation. So I ended up on the wrong tram which was amusing afterwards! 

So Sunday evening I arrived and straight away I hit off with the people in the house where we enjoyed a nice meal and some alcohol. Yeah, i’m lucky as one them works in bar making cocktails, which was fantastic!

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