So Tuesday was a day off so I decided to wonder the beautiful city of Cologne. So I decided to set off at 10 and had to talk into city since the trams were off due to a strike. The walk took around 30 minutes and took me though so strange places. 

To top it off the first thing I walked into a demonstration of some type maybe related the strikes, but who knows! From a good recommendation I decided to look at the Cathedral, which lets be honest hard to miss lets be honest with two huge domes! After wondering around outside I decided to go in and it was absolutely fantastic. The inside had so much history and information I could have spent all day just looking. 

I then decieded that I would a nice stroll up the stairs to the top of dome to see the fantastic view of the cities. Well i say stroll it turned it into a hike it was never ending I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Slowly but surely I saw people stop and take breaks and out of breath. Just when I thought I was at the top, I could have not been more wrong. The stairs went on and on and on..,,and no there as no lift! However, once I got to the top the views of the city were breathtaking I could see the city and the Rhine for miles!

Afterwards on some even better advice I went to the chocolate museum, a place I want to live. So much chocolate everywhere that looked amazing. I even got to taste some chocolate, which was even better. I would defiantly recommend going to it. After the chocolate museum I paid a visit to the tourist information centre, where they advised to have a look at the former Gestapo Head Quarters. Downstairs they still have the cells where the held people and you even see what people wrote on the wall. They even had letters and poems wrote from prisoners, which was rather moving. The upstairs had two floors of a range of things on display from relics to copy of news articles. Thought I couldn’t understand the top two floors as they were in German I could get a sense because of the photos. 

I decided after to look at a Roman gallery from the outside where I saw some amazing artifacts. I then went for a random stroll down by the Rhine which is always a pleasure. Walking back I got slightly lost but a random stranger showed me the way back.

Once back at the room I got to Skype with some friends which was nice and I booked my flights home a week earlier to a range of reasons. I then reflected on what I had to do for my final day of research at the school.. I had hard think of any changes I need to make and ensuring I had all all my paper prepared.

Overall Tuesday was a good day I got a chance to explore a new city and reflect on my final day of research to come. 



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