Day 4 of 4 at the shool

So i’m a bit behind on blogging about my experiences, but Wedesnday just gone was my last day at the school. This was a real shame as I have loved doing the S.O.L.E.s at the school and had so many ideas on else I could have done.

As I mentioned today Wednesday was my last day for research and it certainty did not disappoint. I woke up enthusiastically and while taking the long trip to the school I had thoughts running through my head of how to make it the the perfect and did I need to make any last minute changes.

I arrived early and got set up in the ICT classroom waiting for the teacher and students to arrive. Once arrived the students looked confused at first but soon became comfortable. After giving them an exciting background story and explaining some rules I let them set off with their work.

It was interesting to see how the students interacted during the research and how the group dynamic changed compared to the previous 3 days. Even more of a surprise was the teacher in fact taught a completely different subject. So this give me a fantastic opportunity the gain valuable feedback and demonstrate how it could be used in a range of subjects.

When the students came to present their findings it was interesting to see what information they had found out and the fact they all had included videos. This may raise some interesting points for further research.

From the feedback provided the students seemed to have enjoyed participating and would like to do it again. The teacher seemed surprised at how effective it could be and provided some interesting comments for me to analyse later once i’m back at university.

Implementing a few small changes including the approach taken while talking to students seemed to have some difference as it made the process run smoother. However, i still need to ensure that my timings are correct for further research.

Overall i’m happy with my final day and it was a fantastic opportunity to conduct research at the school and I believe I have gathered some data that will provide interesting results. I have learnt a lot from my time here and gained more experience in conducting field research.

2 responses to “Day 4 of 4 at the shool

  1. Sounds great! I’m wondering what subject this was and how it was so different to the other subjects you were doing the SOLEs with the other days 🙂

    • Well, this subject was history and about the Great Plague. I choose the wording I used differently and explained more about it to the teacher during the SOLE. I also walked around more, but without talking or getting involved in the students work.

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